Aries Insurance Agent Services.


Aries Insurance Agent Services.


Aries Insurance Agent Services.A thin blue vertical line separating two logos.A division of URL Insurance Group.


You, your clients, our people.

Upon your request, we work with your clients to determine their needs, and they receive our expert guidance to find the best policies and benefits. Orion helps you strengthen your relationships and adds value, while keeping your clients loyal to you. We are always available to answer questions or make changes and updates directly with the client, removing the administrative burden from you.


Add revenue and diversify your services

When we have satisfied your client’s objectives, you’ll receive compensation for generating the opportunity. This will vary by program and involvement, but you will know in advance what to expect.


Annuities & single premium life

We offer a wide range of financial solutions that can be tailored to match your clients’ specific requirements for income, wealth protection and transfer, as well as long-term care alternatives.


Employee benefits

In addition to health insurance, employee benefits through the workplace are more important than ever. We can assist with a wide array of policies, coverages, and payment strategies.


Health insurance

Health insurance is continually changing, but we can provide health plans that meet your clients’ needs, with affordable premiums for their employees and for themselves.

Pennie certified broker.


Life insurance

Term and permanent solutions for your clients personal and business needs through careful stewardship and clear communication.



We offer a wide variety of services to help you meet the growing demand of the Medicare eligible insurance market.

Kelly Lucas.
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Kelly Lucas

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Olivia Adkins
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Holly Beshore
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Eric Colello
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